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Collectivism: the idea that a group is a priority and there is no “individuality”. One of the laws today that are collectivist is the gun law. Prohibiting certain people from carrying a gun. Even if it’s an emergency. Collectivism has its pro’s and con’s. I am reading the book Anthem by Ayn Rand and the idea of collectivism is expressed in it. Everyone has a name such as Equality 7- 2521. No one is allowed to have a special name, idea, friend, house, hair. shoe, clothes, etc.

In my book they are collectivist because they are a group and not an individual.

What do you think of Collectivism? Should it be allowed?


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How does being a nerd make you money?

Study shows that the better grades you get the more adult pay you will receive. If you do better in school you will receive more money. Being popular doesn’t pay for your bills, clothes, family, etc. Being smarter could earn you more money because companies are more likely to want you to work for them. I could see why that is. I try very hard in school and hope that takes me somewhere. I have always been told your future depends on your life now. That is true and this study proves a strong point!

“How Your High School Grades Predict Your Pay.” Slate Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 May 2014.

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New Terrorist group on the world map…

In Nigeria a group of terrorist took kids from a school and is torturing them. My opinion on this tragic incident is that it shouldn’t have happened. It is not a accident and no one should have to go through this. Many people are affected.  The poor families and children and just the community. It hurt the whole country. There is nothing they can do and the children are being tortured and punished for nothing. They did nothing to deserve this at all.

“Abducted Nigerian Girls Put Terrorist Group on World Map.” Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, n.d. Web. 26 May 2014.

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Frozen Extra Credit

Multiple Choice Viewing Questions & Related Facts
Were you paying attention?
1) Everyone knows that Olaf is the name of the heroic snowman who dreams of summer fun. But what’s the name of the other snowman that Elsa builds to protect her ice palace?
a- Snowball
b- Marshmallow
c- Rocky
d- Frostor
2) Frozen is set in the Kingdom of Arendelle, which sits at the edge of a majestic fjord. Though Arendelle is a fantasy realm, it’s loosely modeled after the real-life geography of what Earthly nation?
a- Norway
b- Sweden
c- Denmark
d- The Netherlands
3) This is the second animated Disney musical in the director’s chair for co-director Chris Buck. What other film did he direct?
a- The Lion King
b- Pocahontas
c- Mulan
d- Tarzan
4) When Anna and Elsa open up their kingdom for Elsa’s coronation, there’s a famous Disney Princess among the many guests in attendance. Which Princess is it?
a- Aurora
b- Rapunzel
c- Merida
d- Belle
5) Who voices the Queen of Arendelle, Anna and Elsa’s mother?
a- Idina Menzel
b- Jennifer Lee
c- Sarah Silverman
d- Julie Andrews
6) Frozen Director/Screenwriter Jennifer Lee wrote what other Walt Disney Animation Studios film?
a- Wreck-it Ralph
b- Tangled
c- Aladdin
d- Brave
7) Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) is in which other Disney film?
a- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
b- The Princess Diaries
c- Enchanted
d- Oz The Great and Powerful
8) Finish the lyric: ♫ Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining… ♫
a- This frosty force both fair and fine has a frozen heart worth mining.
b- This icy force both foul and fine has a frozen heart combining.
c- This icy force both foul and fair has a frozen heart worth mining.
d- This frosty ice both foul and fair has a frozen heart combining.
9) The daughter of which Frozen crew member(s) can be heard on the film’s official soundtrack?
a- Voice actor Josh Gad
b- Songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
c- Producer Peter Del Vecho
d- Art Director Mike Giaimo
10) What is Anna and Elsa’s favorite food?
a- Cupcakes
b- Chocolate
c- Carrot cake
d- Cherry pie
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Frozen Foods

In the beginning of the movie Frozen it talks about Anna and Elsa’s favorite food. They smell it and go crazy for it. They say it many times. Do you know what Anna and Elsa’s favorite food is? If you have seen the movie respond with the answer in my comment box.

1) Cupcakes

2) Chocolate

3) Carrot cake

4) Cherry pie

 I know the answer and you should too. It’s also one of my favorite foods!

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Frozen Snowmen

As we all know the Frozen movie has gone crazy. It is extremely fun, loving, and popular movie. It shows true meaning to life and what can sometimes happen in life. I currently watched the movie and have a discussion to talk about… Everyone knows that Olaf is the name of the heroic snowman who dreams of summer fun.

But what’s the name of the other snowman that Elsa builds to protect her ice palace?

1)  Snowball

2) Marshmallow

3) Rocky

4) Frostor

If you have seen the movie then you should be able to answer this. It was said clearly a few times throughout the movie. Below in the comments answer what you think it is. It says in the movie… “There we go. Hey, Anna! Sven! Where’d you guys go? We totally lost ____________ back there!”

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Flowers for Algernon paragraph:

I’m directing Flowers for Algernon. The changes from the original text I would make are first I would have shown the doctors having a conversation in the beginning about how the operation could go wrong in the end. The medium that I would choose is a television show. The setting would be a popular U.S city I would make this take place in Chicago because that is a popular city that has lots of crime and would make the TV shoe more realistic and interesting. This would also add to the suspicion and keep the viewer on the edge of there seat. That would make them want to see more. If I could make more changes than I would. First I would make Charlie stay smart the rest of his life. I think it would be better if Charlie stayed smart. It would be more heartwarming and caring to people if he stayed smart. Charlie would be a better character and the movie would be up to date. Flowers for Algernon could be the latest and greatest TV show. It would be new and people would want to see it. People like happy endings and my change to the story would make it happy at the end.

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The DEATH penalty gone wrong?

Article of the week:

follow up questions…

– Do you believe in death penalty? Why or why not?

* Yes, because you did the crime and deserve the consequence.

– How does this article affect your view of the death penalty?

* It doesn’t make me think we should have the death penalty.  It just makes me think we should be more careful when pursuing it.

-Select a passage from this article and respond to it.

*I am responding to the fact that 4% of convictions are wrong convictions. This means we need to be more careful. People don’t deserve to die for no reason.


Spring break 2014

With my step sister and brother! Love you guys! 😘



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Approach Paper Crash the Chatterbox

Kaylan Bond 03-22-14 1st block Crash the Chatterbox Steven Furtick Nonfiction

Approach Paper:

            The book Crash the Chatterbox is about how God helps you overpower the lies of insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement with the promises of God. This book helps you understand how to tell yourself you’re more than just a person you are somebody. You can be somebody. You can overpower the lies that hold you back.

Steven Furtick is a brave, intelligent, observant and over powering individual. Holly Furtick is an amazing, beautiful, creative and loving mother and wife. The kids of this family are adorable, fulfilled, lively and playful.

A true key passage in this book is when they talk about hearing God’s voice above all others. This stands out because it makes me realize my true religion and what I mean in my life right now. It shows me that God has a plan for me and it means a lot for me and my family.

My opinion on this book is that it empowers and changes life’s… one at a time. I truly believe that this book is meant for true Christians. Pastor Steven showed great compassion in this book. My discussion questions are:

  1. How do I know when I am dealing with the Chatter box?
  2. What does it mean if I don’t know what to do in a life changing situation?
Furtick, Steven. Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice above All Others. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

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